HELLO, it’s me

I am much more of a Saturday morning type of person than a Friday night kind of gal - although I do appreciate a good night out, who doesn't!? During the day you can find me pursuing my career in the life of change management and leadership development, courtesy of my MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. But during the evenings and on weekends you can find me with my camera in hand.

Like anyone else, I love a beautiful photo. However, I don't want to make it happen - I want to be there to witness it. To be lucky enough to capture it for you. photography is meant to document life, and life isn't perfectly curated like Instagram can be. Life can sometimes be painful, messy, and imperfect. Now THAT is what I want to document. So you can expect that I will capture it all for you - the good, the bad & the beautifully imperfect moments.