Beach Bum || Blog Post

I was totally reliving my early teenage dreams of strolling along Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Huntington Beach & Laguna Beach.  If I only have one moment of feeling like a 90210 character, I'm glad it was this one. The people watching is unbelievable, therefore making the photography a dream. It is such a crazy concept to me that kids go hangout on the beach after school or that their school sport workouts consist of a team run to the beach where they'll finish up with abs.  SO CRAZY.  The best high school workout we had were called "Dairy Queen runs." So we got to run to the nearest DQ, run around it, and then run back to the school. We didn't even get to get some ice cream! Such a misleading workout. Any who, I was soaking up the sun, watching surfing competitions while grabbing a freshly made smoothie on the pier.  This day couldn't have gotten any better. 

-Not a whole lot of insight in this post, but rather me gushing about how much I can't wait until I have the opportunity to move to the West Coast. If anything, this impromptu trip made me realize the West Coast is calling my name now more than ever, or so it feels.- 

Madison Moore