Namaste || Blog Post

I could start this post with the classic "I was going to leave but then thought, Namastay here" pun, but I would rather well do anything but that.  I have started doing more yoga so the saying of namaste has more meaning in my life than before.  In case you don't know what it means, namaste literally means "I bow to you" which I take as the concept of acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. This can weigh deeper with someone one day, or simply mean good morning another. No matter the depth of it, namaste offers almost a safe haven between those practicing saying "I understand you, you understand me." Or at least this is how I think of it.

Moving on, I don't know if this is so much an ambitious goal or not, I have no idea, but I have made it a personal goal to visit every single U.S. National Park.  There are some very popular such a Yosemite or Yellowstone, while there are some like Joshua Tree in which I had never heard of.  I rang in year 22 with a visit and multiple hikes throughout Joshua Tree National Park.  JTNP reminds me of what you would think Mars would look like (if we didn't already have some sort of inkling).  It is like a whole different planet of the desert, and it is absolutely beautiful.  I'll make sure to make a blog post that entirely tells you everything you should make sure to see while at JTNP, but for now I'll keep it short. 

For the rest of my life I will believe that jobs fill my pockets, but travel fills my soul. 

Namaste friends


Madison Moore