Spontaneity || Blog Post

Have you ever just wished you could be like those rich, whimsical people in the movies who decide that they're going to the airport and just going to pick a destination then and there to buy a ticket? Yeah, me too.  Recently I felt as though I had this moment in my life.  2 weeks before the date, I spontaneously bought a ticket to LAX.  Maybe I was sick of Minnesota's -20 degree weather, maybe I was having a post-graduation freakout, but either way I bought a  c h e a p  plane ticket to somewhere that was near the ocean and warm.  That 4 day weekend was the best weekend that I really had no expectations for.  This is something I've been learning through the weird twists and turns of life.  Having these high, unreal, detailed expectations in mind never ends well.  Don't get me wrong, having high standards and expectations is not a bad thing! But when it comes to traveling there are so many things that can go wrong and having those expectations and unexpected changes can alter your experience with negativity.

 A quote I had found when studying abroad that really put this concept into perspective stated {"When you learn to accept, rather than expect, you'll have fewer disappoints."} 

First, let me preface this with saying, this quote doesn't apply to every aspect of life! -at least in my life it doesn't- However, it doe apply to my travel.  Looking back I use to be so high strung with travel plans that when something didn't match what I had imagined I would get legitimately upset.  Now I can get on the wrong train and go to the wrong city, get off the train, laugh about it, find the right train, and then find my way home.  I see this act of me spontaneously buying this ticket as a symbol of my personal progress I've made.  I no longer say I'm a "go with the flow" type of person when trying to convince both others as well as myself.  I now describe myself as someone with goals and aspirations, but accept change as a challenge to overcome that in perspective is a twist in the road to the destination I want to be. 

Madison Moore